Application Process

AACMFS Fellows may nominate (sponsor) individuals to become Fellows or Post Graduate Members as specified in the Categories of Membership. Steps for application:

  1. Email name and email address of the nominee to the AACMFS Executive Secretary, Julie Kneedler at [email protected].
  2. An application will be sent to the nominee.
  3. The nominee must submit a completed application, CV and case log to the corporate office ([email protected]).
  4. Once the application is returned, it will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for review and approval.
  5. When approved by the Executive Committee, the application is sent to the Board of Directors.
  6. If the application is approved, the nominee is notified that they have met the criteria and are invited to the AACMFS Annual Meeting.
  7. All new nominees are presented to the full membership at the Annual Meeting.